Levels of Service
Currently, TriCare Medical Transportation offers three levels of service to our clients based on their needs. They are the following:

Medical Livery:
This level of service is reserved for those clients that require little or no assistance. Medical livery service is curb-to-curb or door-to-door, meaning the driver will assist the client if needed to and from the vehicle and to and from the door of the pickup or drop-off facility. These transports are completed in standard mini-vans or sedans.

MAV Wheelchair:
MAV wheelchair service is for clients that need to be transported in a wheelchair, or those clients that can walk but need door-through-door assistance. These transportations are completed in a Mobility Assistance Vehicle (MAV), which are equipped with a wheelchair lift. All MAV transportations are completed by a certified Mobility Assistance Vehicle Technician (MAVT). This level of service is door-through-door, meaning that the technician will assist the client from inside the pickup point to inside the drop-off location.

BLS Ambulance:
This is transportation reserved for clients that need transportation on a stretcher in an ambulance. This level of service is usually for clients that are bed-confined, and cannot be transported sitting in a wheelchair. All BLS ambulance transports are done with at least two highly trained Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs).

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